Product Details

What is the age range for the chair?

We suggest ages 1-4 years old. The taller kids will grow out of it faster. They’ll still fit but their knees will be uncomfortable!

Do you make different sized chairs?

Unfortunately, we do not at this time. 

Is there a weight limit?

The chair is very well built and can hold up to 100lbs. However, it is not recommended for parents or older kids to stand on it.

What is the size and weight of the chair?

Dimensions: 15.5" L X 18.5" W X 17.75" H

Weight: 11 lbs

Is the chair cover removable?

The cover is not removable. We are working on removable covers hopefully coming soon!

What is the chair made out of?

We use pinewood to build the frame. The foam we use is high density upholstery foam. The fabrics used may vary and are stapled onto the chair.

Has your product been tested/certified?

Yes, the Palaka Rockah has been tested by an accredited labratory accepted by the CPSC (consumer product safety commission) for compliance with the following regulations:

  • Physical and mechanical hazards (passed)
  • Flammability of solids (passed)
  • Total lead content (passed)
Our Childrenʻs Product Certificate is available upon request.


Ordering Details

Can we order anytime?

The chairs are made to order. We build a limited amount per month and orders are taken on a designated release date. Follow us on instagram for updates and announcements.

What are my shipping/delivery options?

We are based in Honolulu, Hawaii. We can ship to the neighbor islands or locally on Oahu for a $50 flat rate. We do not currently ship outside of Hawaii. Free pick up options are available on Oahu.

Where can I pick up my chair?

Designated pickup locations will be announced on cart page and social media platforms and may vary depending when orders are placed. If there are any questions or confusion, feel free to contact us. 

What if I can’t make the designated pickup time?

You can send another individual as a proxy to pick up your chair on your behalf. They will need to provide the order number and contact name of the customer. 

Do you have a physical store location?

We do not have a physical store location.

Do you participate in craft fairs and festivals?

Yes! We will post to our instagram when we will be at these events.

How long does it take to make a chair?

The chair will be ready in 4-6 weeks from the time the order is placed. If you need a chair by a certain date be sure to let us know at least a month before. If you are providing your own custom fabric, please notify us through the note box on the cart page. 



How does custom fabric orders work?

You can describe your custom preference in the description box on the cart page. We will contact you via email with possible fabric options for your choosing. We will not start making the chair until after your confirmation of your preferred design. The order fulfillment time may take longer than 6 weeks depending on availability and shipping of custom material. 

Can we provide our own fabric?

Yes! We want your chair to be as personal as possible. Canvas and thicker types of fabric work best but softer fabrics like fleece and flannel work as well.  We just need 1.5 yards of the fabric.

Can you do sports teams?

Yes! Each team has a variety of prints and colors. We do not keep any sports fabric in stock. Its sometimes easier if you see a print you like to let us know which one you want or if you are able to get it yourself and drop it off to us that works as well!

Do you do collaborations?

Yes! If you or your company would like to see your fabric come to life on our chair, we would be excited to work together! Any fabric a company provides belongs to them. We cannot use someone’s fabric without their permission.

Do you sell wholesale?

We do not sell wholesale at this time.