About Palaka Rockahs

Palaka Rockahs started as a fun project to make a chair for our friend's keiki. Seeing a toddler rock and relax (toddlers don’t relax) was enough to know we needed to offer this experience to more! We wanted to capture the resilience of the Palaka fabric worn by our families generations ago in a form that could be enjoyed by the future of our people just beginning their journey in life.          

The Palaka Rockah is a chair that keiki can have all to themselves. Their parents can’t sit in it because they just won’t fit! Lol. As our keiki begin to grow and learn all the new things life can bring, they can do so in the comfort of their own keiki-size rocking chair.


Palaka first appeared in early Hawaii on the plantations. It is Hawaii’s version of plaid. The pattern is sewn into the fabric creating a durable thicker material. It was commonly seen as a jacket often in blue, designed to protect workers against the sharp leaves of the sugar cane. It was also seen worn by the “Paniolo” or Hawaiian Cowboy during that time. It is more modernly seen in an Aloha shirt style as a “dress” shirt made on thinner and softer fabric. The fabric has been used to make, boardshorts, stuffed animals, dresses, blankets, and now Palaka Rockahs!


Palaka Rockahs are handmade by husband and wife Christian and Courtney Taum. Each chair is made to order. While each individual chair is unique, the craftsmanship is of the highest quality and built with dedication and purpose.

Christian and Courtney were born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Throughout their careers they have worked with keiki of all ages and have experienced the joy of working with our future leaders. Our motivation is seeing the smile on each keiki's face for the love of their Palaka Rockah!

Mahalo for your support!